"The Best of Everything"

Irish Choccoffee


Dig out your favorite heatproof elegant glass.

Two-thirds fill with your favorite coffee...a little stronger than usual.

Take a heaped tablespoon of THE CHOCOLATE SAUCE and stir gently into the coffee.

Now decide on what liqueur or spirit you want to underpin your taste experience. Whiskey, Brandy,
Kalua, Frangelico and Amarula have become well-tested options.

Having made your choice, take a generous shot of it and add it to your drink.

Give it a gentle stir to blend.

Take a metal dessert spoon, turn it over so the rounded surface is on top. Hold the spoon over the liquid without it touching the drink and drizzle fresh whipping cream onto the back of the spoon, letting the cream drop onto the chocoffee, creating a white layer of creamy temptation.

Now try to sip it slowly and enjoy!

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